Hank Belbin is the author of two plays; Between the Hay and Grass, The Life and Death of Virgil McGraw. Both plays have had sell-out runs at the Edinburgh fringe festival and received rave reviews.

The Life and Death of Virgil McGraw by author Hank Belbin

1980. Natchez, Mississippi. An Aryan brotherhood of bikers, a lone gunman and what he calls the hydra sprawl. Virgil McGraw is a violent and cynical drifter, accused of the murder of 23 men on one hot Mississippi night in August. In custody, Virgil reveals the deep dark secrets of corruption and totalitarianism throughout the state and as the police unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved within and outside the law, both come to  realise that the world isn't what they were told it was and that the truth has always been written by victory. The Life and Death of Virgil McGraw is a full length play that delves into the murky world of morality and murder in a part of America that's steeped in violent history. Told through the spiritual embodiment of Virgil the Roman poet, the mystery unravels into something far more sinister.

Between the Hay and Grass western play by author Hank Belbin

1882. White Oaks, New Mexico. A savage lawless land where murder and robbery are as common as drought and making and honest living is unheard of. A violent epic story of a murdering road agent and notorious thief who is always on the wrong side of the law; he is also a decent and honest man, desperately trying to provide for his family, change his ways and not let his children fall victim to the same life that has doomed him to commit horrendous acts. With so much wrong doing behind him, John is struggling desperately to build a future for his family and lay to rest his murderous past for good; but in such an unforgiving land, even the strongest wither and die. There ain't no laws, but the laws we make for ourselves. Between the Hay and Grass is a violent and epic story of revenge, set in the most violent part of the American West, during one of its most violent years.

Author and Writer Hank Belbin

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